Our Tech Friend's FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our web design leads and SEO leads

  1. Are the leads exclusive?

    Yes, our leads are only sold one time to our members and then removed permanently from the lead portal. While we do not resell leads, we can not control if they go to other sources to reach out for the services they are requesting.
  2. Is Our Tech Friend a company or individual person?

    Our Tech Friend is team of lead specialist.
  3. Where do you get your leads from?

    NetworkForLeads.com. Web development, App development and SEO leads over $1,500 are not available on their portal and instead placed into ours. We also aggregate leads from Hire.OurTechFriend.com and HireADeveloper.org
  4. Who is in charge of collecting the payment from the client?

    You are, Our Tech Friend is a lead provider service and that is it. We do not accept payments on your behalf.
  5. How often do you guys get new leads?

    We get leads every single day and throughout the day from Network for Leads - networkforleads.com
  6. Do you get a lot of SEO leads?

    We get a lot of web development leads, but we still get quite a bit of SEO leads. An estimate would be 2 out of every 6 web design leads.
  7. How many leads do you get a day?

    We are getting about 4-6 leads a day on an average, as we increase in members we increase in lead generation and we fluxuate depending on the demand, but we never leave the lead portal empty.
  8. What information do I get before I select each lead?

    You can see the leads live at clients.ourtechfriend.com and you will see all the leads we have. All leads have the below details:
    1. Details about the project from the lead
    2. Budget estimate
    3. Skills that are advise to have for the job
    4. And the date the lead was acquired on
  9. After you accept a lead you get:

    After you sign up and log into the portal, you will be able to "select" a lead. After you select a lead you will be emailed the lead's below contact details as well as have a copy of the details in your dashboard under the "client's I've accepted" tab, which only logged in members can see.
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. And Email.
      *we will leave a comment on the lead if there is missing information for one reason or another, and you will know before you select the lead if it does not have all of the above mentioned details. No surprises!

Below is a screenshot of what the lead portal looks like:

Web Design Leads