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Package Description Price
1 closed lead

You are able to access and close up to 1 lead (valued over $1,000) at a time from our lead portal. You will have lifetime access for this 1 time payment until you close 1 lead / prospect.

3 closed leads

You are able to access and close up to 3 leads (valued over $1,000 each) at a time from our lead portal. This is the most feasible solution to acquiring 3 clients, compared to paying the commission, time you would pay a 3rd party to work for you generating leads or yourself.

5 closed leads

You are able to access and close up to 5 leads (valued over $1,000 each) at a time from our lead portal. This is our highest valued and #1 upgrade package choice with our current members. Once a member approves the quality of our leads, they upgrade to acquire the most amount of leads you can at a time.
Did you know?
You save a total of $400 with this package.


Our leads are aggregated from WPQuestions.org, WordPressQuestions.com, NetworkForLeads.com, HireADeveloper.org, and many more!

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Request A Membership

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Access unlimited leads until you close the amount of clients you've purchased.

All of our lead prospects are verified via text or email and you receive a screenshot of that conversation with every lead you grab from our portal.

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You can see what it looks like to return web design, SEO or other software related leads and also just how much our lead specialist give our members support.


Web design leads, web development leads & SEO leads that you get real clients from.
OurTechFriend.com's leads turn into real clients and our packages are a 1 time fee for a lifetime of guarantees!

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All of our leads are exclusive and only sold one time. Our lead minimum (the minimum amount a lead in the portal is worth) is $1,000, so you'll never have to worry about getting low paying projects again.

We will replace your web design leads and SEO leads until you get a real client, our web design leads have a high close rate.

Bad leads must be returned within 24 hours of grabbing.

Our leads come directly from HireADeveloper.org, WPQuestions.org, WordPressQuestions.com & NetworkForLeads.com, networkforleads.com which uses networking with a special lead sharing model in order to generate their leads. Networkforleads.com collects all types of leads, but quality web design leads, and SEO leads are removed and put into our lead portal.

OurTechFriend.com doesn't just offer leads, we guarantee real clients!

Thanks to our partnership with HireADeveloper.org, WPQuestions.org, WordPressQuestions.com & NetworkForLeads.com we can offer guaranteed clients.

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